Bedroom TypeUnit Size (sqft)No. Of UnitsStarting From
1 Bedroom517 sqft66$1,232,000
2 Bedroom Classic614 sqft 42$1,509,000
2 Bedroom Deluxe689 sqft 86$1,63,000
3 Bedroom Classic915 to 958 sqft 44$1,995,000
3 Bedroom Deluxe1055 to 1098 sqft66$2,240,000
4 Bedroom Deluxe1518 to 1604 sqft45$3,411,000
5 Bedroom Luxury1819 sqft 21$3,973,000
3-bedroom Deluxe Penthouse1593 to 1636 sqft 4$3,680,000
4-bedroom Deluxe Penthouse1991 sqft 1$4,680,000
Premier Penthouse2960 to 2205 sqft3$7,480,000

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